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New approach

10-03-2013 15:13 Comment
New approach started. I've started with a food schedule and training schedule from a friend. After two weeks it's already showing to go in the right direction. Bigger arms. :muscle
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Increase weights

04-06-2012 20:09 Comment
Last week I've started to increase the weights on the butterfly exercise. Initially I did the activity with 2kg per arm. Now I'm lifting 4kg per arm. Feels gooood.
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Weights Dumbbells

03-02-2012 08:23 Comment
Yesterday I bought my first set of dumbbells. After many succesful months of VirtuaGym fitness 'without equipment' I'm now ready for the next phase. :heavy
17-02-2012 09:34
Started with bars only 2kg and moved to 4kg now ( bar + weight)
28-03-2012 11:51
Today I started with all bells. Totals to 2 x 9kg. Looking forward to muscle growth :)
14-05-2012 22:01
Keep it going man, I've gone the other way, had mass but no definition hoping v.g. can bring a bit of both. Ooh rah!
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One month trials?

27-06-2011 22:55 Comment
Now that I've been using VirtualGym for several weeks and been referring several people to start using VirtuaGym too, I'm wondering if there's a one month free trial period before I decide to take a subscription... Who has heard of this?
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Motivation video Arnold

19-06-2011 17:50 Comment
Thanks VirtuaGym,

For posting a motivational video of Arnold Schwarzenegger working out in the gym. What a muscles on that guy! :o

One day, just wait, 8-)

28-06-2011 09:13
Gym is my life
04-02-2012 05:13
I love dumble
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