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Unlimited goals & progress tracking, full workout player, advanced nutrition
system and much more. Unleash all PRO benefits and get faster results.

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Feature Overview Basic PRO
Personal Fit-Profile
Basic workout plans, nutrition plans & goals
Track activities & burnt calories
Unlimited goals & progress tracking
Add your own Activities
Full Workout Player
More Workout Plans & Print option
Workout Plan Creator
Advanced Nutrition System
Full Privacy Options
PRO Picture frame
Full support for Connected Devices
No third party advertising on website

What will I get when I become PRO?

Advanced Nutrition System
Nutrition is a valuable part of any lifestyle plan, whether it is aimed at muscle growth or weight loss. PRO-members can take full advantage of the advanced Nutrition System, including a personal food log connected to a database with thousands of foods.
Extensive Plans, PlanCreator and Print option
Get access to all available plans within the system or use our powerful Plan Editor to create and customize your own plans from over 2500 exercises and activities. PRO-members can also print their plans in an easy to use format.
No advertisements and our R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
As a PRO-member, you contribute to the development of our application. As a token of appreciation, you can select a nice frame for your profile picture, so anyone can see that you appreciate our application and support future development. Respect! Additionally, you won’t be bothered by third party advertising on the website.
Advanced privacy options
Free members share a fair amount of their data with the community. Do you prefer to keep certain information, like your weight or fat percentage private? No problem! PRO-members decide what information they want to share with whom.

Take action. Go for PRO and reach your goals!

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