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For all of the American users here on the platform. Support and US Street Team for spreading the word of the site.
admthomas1 7 months ago
Hello Everyone! I just found this app on my phone and am really excited to finally lose that baby weight (from 7 years ago). From what i've seen from this app it all looks promising. I have about 20lbs to lose to no longer be considered obese and my end goal is to lose 50lbs and maintain that weight lose. Women on both sides of my family seem to have weight issues (over 100lbs overweight or more and cant seem to lose any) once they have children and I am determined to break free from that! Hopefully there is some good encouragement and support on this website :)
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carlostom 8 months ago
Hello everyone, I want to loss 30 kg, currently my weight is 119 kg, I have problems of thyroid, triglycerides and cholesterol. Any tip? Thanks
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KLiK-it 04-03-2014 15:14
Hello US of A, California here. Currently finally getting rain. Not near enough to pull out of the drought. How about you North/ North-East? Cold, snowy and wet?
Looking forward to Spring already. I enjoy trail jogging but little bit wet now!
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j.k.lindberg 31-12-2013 09:44
What are you going to change about yourself for 2014?
31-12-2013 11:01
Work out more regularly and try to eat more home cooked food instead of take away.
10-01-2014 17:39
Plenty. On the fitness side, I'm going to get back into karate and earn my black belt.
11-02-2014 15:32
I just started swimming after more than 10 years. :)
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rebecca.campbell.798 22-11-2013 15:18
What do you all do along with whatever virtuagym workouts you like? I kind of enjoy mixing it up a tad with martial arts
22-11-2013 21:14
Bokwa and Zumba
12-12-2013 07:30
Zumba, ballroom dancing, and yoga
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ExerciseMindfully 30-06-2013 00:18
Hurray for the Dutch!
This American VirtuaGym user wants to send a big thank you to the Dutch creators of this site. Like many people in the US, I only speak English and have minimal experience with the metric system. I just took the Fitness Test and although the writing was in English, the spoken words were something else. I couldn't tell what. German? French? It sounded Germanic, but I distinctly hear a few "ne ... pas's" in there. Dutch! It must have been Dutch! Thank you all you cool people in Amsterdam. :)
30-06-2013 00:49
Great to hear you appreciate our efforts! We're continuously working hard to make Virtuagym even better, lot's of great plans.. :) As for the language, yes that's Dutch. We still want to put up an English translation, sorry about that. Enjoy Virtuagym, great to have you here
Gr, Hugo
31-07-2013 13:27
I'm speechless....  
I think exactly the same about Virtuagym creators as ExerciseMindfully.   This place is soo cool!!!!!
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tracy811 24-04-2013 21:34
Is exercise using the Wii enough exercise? I usually do the free run and burn about 214 calories in half an hour and then in the evening i try to do an 85 minute workout also on the Wii and a second free run? Any comments or suggestions would be helpful! Thank you!
16-10-2013 07:41
It's what got me started. I liked the WiiFit because I could do it before work in my pj's. Eventually you will start having to supplement it. One of the first ways I did? Sign up for a martial arts/self defense class. You'll get a work out, and learn something that may come in handy one day.
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keelmac 07-04-2013 00:41
Hi everyone, today i made the decision to get off my lazy but and loose some weight. I currently want to loose about 50 lbs or more. Looking for some friends to connect with to encourage and provide encouragement.
20-06-2013 06:33
@Keelmac...I see it's been about 2 months since you said you was getting off your butt and lose weight ...just wondering how your doing with it?
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lssmith 02-04-2013 08:26
hello everyone ! I'm new to this site and would like to make some friends that has the same goals I do. I would like to lose 40 pounds and would like some buddies to help me get there and I could help them too.
02-04-2013 14:48
Hi Issmith! Welcome to the site. I'm aiming to lose about 40lbs myself. So I'm right there with you, and here to support. Good luck on your journey!
02-04-2013 21:52
Candracook...Thanks for having me . And if you need any thing that I can help out too just ask.
06-04-2013 04:09
..I'm having trouble planning my workout because I can't workout every day. or the same day each week. my schedule is I got every Monday off I work every other Tuesdays I work every Wednesday I work every other Thursday I have every Friday off and I work every other weekend . The days I work I can't workout because I work 12 hrs.  from 6:30pm to 6:30 Am Have enough time to go home sleep and get back up and go back out for another 12hrs...... Can anyone help me plan a workout on that schedule please let me know if you can...thanks
06-04-2013 04:32
my biggest problem is night eating I can do great during the day but once I eat supper then I want to keep eating the rest of the night . I think I try every thing in the book and can't find any thing that works. I even went to bed early but couldn't fall asleep because of wanting some thing to eat and I can't just can't settle for something small . I just keep!
06-04-2013 23:33
it's stupid that you can't put your own exercises in  manually on this site . only if you go pro
08-04-2013 17:35
Sorry for the delay Issmith.I think it's stupid that you can't put your own exercises on this site too. I've written a few emails to virtuagym, but so far I've gotten no results from that. Especially because my trainer often has me do this workout called burpees, and it's not listed on here.
But as far as some of the obstacles you're facing, I've been there before — at least with the late night snacking.
Maybe you could try loading up in the day time with heavier meals, like a reverse meal order. What I mean is, perhaps you could have dinner for breakfast, a standard lunch, then breakfast before going to bed. The premise is, you burn more calories during the day because you have all day to burn it off. So rather than having a heavy meal right before going to sleep, eat it early, and then have maybe oatmeal and fruit before bed. It's worth a shot. I know lots of people who've lost weight this way. Give it a shot for a week or two and see if it helps.
09-04-2013 03:05
Candracook...I thought I seen Burpees in the exercises.....I'll again look some time and let you know. well with the eating I work 12 hrs. shifts and I work 6pm to 6 I sleep during the day...but my big problem  is my days maybe that would work .I'll try it and let you know...once again thanks!
09-04-2013 16:46
Cheers!I think you will make it.
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rajuncajun_mshippy 13-03-2013 22:53
Hey all! I'm new to this site! I am trying to reach 120 pounds or less. I currently weigh 155. If you have any suggestions or pointers bring it on. I'm trying to get back into shape for my son :)
14-03-2013 01:11
Wishing you the best. Two things: Exercise and watch what you eat. Either use the nutrition feature on VirtuaGym or download a food app --- such as Lose It!, to track your food. Set it up, still on course by watching your calories. Before you know it, pounds will start to come off.
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