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This group is for teens who wanna lose weight and be Healthy!!!!
cadetstatzer 25-06-2012 05:49
Hey i have a question... what exactly are the fitness points for???
25-07-2012 14:06
No ideia!
26-07-2012 14:59
You gain them while doing actions on this site and we use it to rank people in the leaderboards!
10 months ago
Oh. I finally understand it. Kk thanks Paul.
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eumjieun 10 months ago
Hello guys :)
I was trained myself very hard last 3months, but I just lose 2kgs.
It's very shock....
Please cheer me....
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mike.s.carter1 28-11-2013 09:48
will try my best
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Tori91 18-02-2013 14:24
Hey guys, I'm really struggling doing this alone.

Would anyone be up for helping with motivation and I would do the same for them?
Possibly exchange emails, tips, recipes that kind of thing.

Leave me a message if you are interested.
15-06-2013 07:16
hey guy, no more alone, why i am joininng you
11 months ago
hey guy keep calm, everybody feels this way sometimes alone but not alone we are here to support you forever.
I encourage!
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cassyceide 26-01-2013 18:09
i definitly belong here
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sara zahaby 04-09-2011 11:23
hi girls you all know that we are here to lose weight but in order to do that we need someone to cheer for us. so why don't we cheer for each other and encourage each other to lose weight.
if you agree with me pls. leave a comment
04-09-2011 18:07
I finally got back into working out a few weeks ago. So I could use all the support I can get in stating motivated. :-)
05-09-2011 17:54
@ Socalfit35 good job getting back to working out :)
08-09-2011 11:14
yup.. i'm having a hard time to manage my time for exercise
10-09-2011 12:15
yea. but why is it that even if i'm having my everyday sport training, there's still no changes?
10-09-2011 12:22
do u eat much?
10-09-2011 22:02
Still hanging in there with the workouts :). What type of workouts do you all do?
15-09-2011 21:36
Lost 6 pounds super happy.
16-09-2011 06:45
Daija1000... nice.. what did you do to lose that great?
28-09-2011 23:34
jannine navarro...i agree with you! i have been doing sports every season at my school, but they don't seem to be helping...
13-10-2011 20:23
Encouragement is great for everyone! Especially us teenager girls, because those girls on the magazines and movies aren't giving us ANY encouragement. That is for sure.
20-11-2011 16:35
Lost 20 :)
01-12-2011 02:58
Hi I'm new here and could use some encouragement. I need help losing weight in a healthy way without engaging in my eating disorder behavior. Any advice and encouragement would be much appreciated! :)
04-03-2012 20:41
Hey everyone :) I only signed up to this website today, i've decided I need a new approach to getting healthy because I don't have the motivation to do it by myself! I'd love to know what sort of workout you all find most useful,I used to dance but i'm a bit scared to get back into it. Most of my excercise is just walking nowadays and I feel like I need something more intensive :/
10-03-2012 14:59
I don't know if it's intensive, but you can try pilatas? I've heard that you burn about 450 calories for each hour of pilates. (:
11-06-2012 23:53
Hey everyone Im working on getting myself back into shape. I was motivated by this guy on TV have you seen him I think its called fit 2 fat 2 fit guy I wanted to get everyones opinino on this. It seems legit.
19-06-2012 01:44
This is my first time ever on this kind of website...but i do like the idea of the "motivational" groups
11-02-2014 15:13
Totaly agree with you! :)
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