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This group is for people that like to workout in the comfort of their own home.
daniellemarie31583 03-08-2012 16:23
Hey yall! I am new here!! I am hoping to lose 30 lbs by October!! I hope I can do it!!!
03-08-2012 18:28
burn 1000 calories aday in exersise cut 300 calories from diet
03-08-2012 19:15
Thanks:-). I did my first work out this morning :-) feeling the burn now.
03-08-2012 20:34
we like to encourage everyone to keep on exersising no matter how little it is.
03-08-2012 21:03
Good luck. to lose thirty lbs.It a great feeling I no i lose six lbs in a week.And once again Good Luck.
04-08-2012 15:37
good luck, i lost my way but need to get back on track. I bet you can loose it just stick to it.
05-08-2012 17:04
I want to lose 5 Kg in 3 months. Do any of you use Kettlebells?
05-08-2012 17:49
param , dumbells, barbells, body weight, use anything you can stick to. kettlebells are handy because they are easy to pick up
16-08-2012 01:20
i need to put all my flabs in tight shape. every part of my body needs help! 3 months deadline. Guys any tips towards a routine is appreciated. will keep you updated on my progress. Better work ;)
16-08-2012 06:25
Abick, a combination of high intensity interval training, and weight lifting, followed by abdominal exersises works. programs like p 90x or insanity. If you don't have time to wait you tube has many free videos, or exersise t.v. Walking, running, pilates, yoga, kickboxing. On the diet side eliminate sugar if you can, replace at least on red meat meal with a vegetarian meal.
19-08-2012 01:58
Hi three weeks into being a member of Virtua Gym, using a combination of weight and cardio, also road bike ride on weekends.
19-08-2012 21:39
I am new here and have set some goals, I hope to encourage and b encouraged, thanks
20-08-2012 00:30
penguinless, thanks a lot. i have start the ABC leg lifting for the back side and tighs training. i feel the muscles burn at F and is really difficult getting to Z. will get my dumb bells soon and follow your lead. thanks a million!! :)
20-08-2012 13:32
o.k. tall.mann. keep going. be strong.
27-08-2012 11:48
Hi,i am new to this group,my aim is to loose 8kgs in1 month,hope i will be encouraged.
27-08-2012 14:07
Hi Esterhaks, avoid all proccessed sugar, exersise, walk, run, pushups, yoga, change your exersises every day, you will get fast results.
27-08-2012 15:23
Thanks i will do that,am sure i will see the results coz i do almost same exercises.
28-08-2012 15:37
do i need to pay anything to u guys ?
28-08-2012 19:00
Kanu, we try to encouage you to reach your goal, I love exersise and health related matters, my advice is free
01-09-2012 09:40
thanks a lot .........
01-09-2012 09:42
wanna loose 10 kj please advice me hw its possible in a month plz:)
01-09-2012 13:21
Dear Kanu, You need to do 2 hours of cardio a day, 30 minutes weight lifting, 30 minutes stretching, eat no proccesed sugar.
Still I must caution you 10 lbs in a month is hard. Keep in mind you do not have to do it all at one. You could do 2 1 hour cardio segments, 1 hour run, 1 hour plyometrics, 4 hours apart.
Remember the key to long lasting weight loss is on avoiding proccesed sugar.
01-09-2012 13:31
plz also guide me about diet thanks :)
01-09-2012 18:43
Dear Kanu, You should eat 1 gram protien per pound of body weight, do not exceed 30 grams per meal, I like optimum nutrition soy protien, because I am a vegan, but if you are a meat eater try to eat 3 ounces at a time, egg whites you can eat up to 5 at a time, chicken you can eat 4 ounces, fish 6 ounces, broccoli, beans, beets, carrots, oatmeal, chickpeas, apples bannanas, brown rice, wheat pasta. When you make a plate of food try to eat 1/4 cup portion of startch, like rice pasta, potatoe, sweet are best. double portion vegetable, then your protien portion. Great desert idea, avacado mixed with bannana. great pankake recipe, 1 scoop protien powder mixed with 1/4 cup oatmeal, mix with water, cook in little olive oil, top with sliced strawberries, blueberries, or bannana.
02-09-2012 04:27
m vegetarian :)
02-09-2012 05:44
Kanu, cut out as much dairy, and all bread for the entire month that should help., white beans, kidney beans, cinnomon, tofu, almond milk, those are good food choices. green tea, is great for keeping weight off, supplements, green coffee, muti vitamin, b-12, flax seed oil, vitamin d, if you get sore take vitamin e, calcium, sun warrior pea protien is good, if you use whey protien try to by lactose free.
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Mirela21 4 weeks ago
I'm thinking of following the monthly routine from blogilates starting with May 1st.
Has anybody else tried her monthly programmes? If so, were there any visible results?
3 weeks ago
Well, I've started it. Then switched to the beginner's calendar. It's quite nice and surprisingly motivating.
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josie jo 1 month ago
This month (April), starting today. Still no gym but that doesn't mean I'll be slacking off. Altho it really has been way too long since I've been in a gym.
This should have me in-ah-gear by summer tho...alternated with Yoga for Strength (Power & Sculpt 1 + 2 ) on off days, switching the yoga series every 2 weeks.
previous month
Week 1 complete!Successfully completed 3 days of training alternated with 3 days of Power Yoga. On the 7th (rest) day I did restorative yoga (really was "yoga for a good night's sleep").I definitely didn't realize how far gone I was. I struggled to complete the first round of push ups!! Crazy! The squats and lounges were manageable, but still burned like a. ...! That is however consistent with my body, I've always been stronger in my legs (like most) and upper body need a lot of conditioning.
Week 2 has begun.
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ksribhoomi.yesaswini 3 months ago
sleep early or else keep a sipper and keep sipping on water to curtail temptation
2 months ago
nice advice.
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tnelson0704 4 months ago
Any tips on breaking the habit of eating at night? My worse time of day!
4 months ago
Its hard to do especially if you work random shifts like me just try eatting lighter meals late at night try staying away from things like rice and pasta and only eat them earlyer in the day an try an stay away from fatty/greasy food late at night is best
4 months ago
Tip no.1: Don't do it. ;-) But seriously, my solution is to make sure I do not buy any bad (sweet/fat high cal) snacks, so when I feel like eating it, it's not there. Make sure you do buy loads of healthy alternatives such as carrots or apples. Often when I have a craving for food I think about eating an apple instead. Then I'm suddenly not eager to eat it, so I realize I'm actually not really hungry.
3 months ago
I'd recommend drinking a glass of water or maybe fruit juice. Also perhaps having more protein during dinner or supper [protein helps you feel fuller] but remember in healthy moderation!
2 months ago
Here are a few suggestions for you,
Eating a later dinner can help curb the before-bed munchies. A night eater should try to eat dinner closer to 8 p.m., Just be sure to give your body an hour or two to digest before going to bed.
If you want to break the late night snack cycle go for a 60- to 80-calorie snack, such as a piece of fruit after dinner, but only if it's within half an hour of eating. Reach for fruits that take a long time to eat and therefore slow down your munching, such as grapefruit, sliced apples or mango.
The truth is, many people who crave a late night nosh are, in fact, just bored or anxious, and food can make you feel better – or at least, take your mind off things. But if your stomach is growling and you're still truly hungry later at night try a healthy protein snack, such as a slice of low-sodium turkey or hard-boiled egg whites to take the edge off without filling up.
Another recommendation is to drink a full glass of water before eating anything. Maybe, your body is really just thirsty. Sometimes we mistake hunger for thirst. Hope this helps! Good luck!
previous month
Yogi does a slim tea that's a meal replacement
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emma_antony16 4 months ago
Just completed my first challenge
4 months ago
Congrats Emma!
4 months ago
2 months ago
What was your first challenge.
4 weeks ago
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i wanna try this group
4 weeks ago
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i have started doing exercises which i like to the extent of burning max calories possible. This way i feel good !!!
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josie jo 6 months ago
I finished my first plan and now i'm on to plan 2. this program looks does incororate running, which i hate...but its all about pushing yourself, doing new things and enjoying it in the process to great rewards. I do feel like there has been a change. i'm loving these workouts...short, and fully invigorating. +15lbs here i come!
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carlostom 8 months ago
Thanks Yaniv and JAnetta for your tips, I will take them into acccount. Excellent advice, I used to eat a lot of bread and full meals at night, but step by step I will try to change my habits. Thanks so much.
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carlostom 8 months ago
Hello everyone, I want to loss 30 kg, currently my weight is 119 kg, I have problems of thyroid, triglycerides and cholesterol. Any tip? Thanks
8 months ago
Throw all fat food and bring in vegtebales and chicken instead ( dont buy red meat) and start walking untill you feel your heart beat faster 2 times or 3 a week.
Try to walk fast at sometimes and it will work. Dont eat at night and if u cant then make sure its only a salad. And lastly - stay away from bread !!! U can eat one or two slices of full wheat bread but ONLY in the morning. Good luck!
8 months ago
Don't rush getting used to new ways of living. Take your time getting used to it.
8 months ago
I think you should not change your eating habits in the beginning too much. Just eat a little bit healthier, a little bit less and move a little bit more. I tried to change my eating habits to more healthy stuff but it was not working for me. I usually gained the weight i lost very quickly again.
Find an activity you like and do it as often as you can(walking, cycling, running, etc). Go out more often, get more, do not use the car when you can walk, use the stairs instead of escalators, etc

Track your weight regularly! Seeing a graph that shows how much weight you lost is very motivating.

Don't eat diet stuff or low fat products!

Try drink more water.
7 months ago
Hi, before start diet foods u should change your lifestyle put weekly achievements to yourself. If you havent started exercises yet, start with the minimum levels but put on it every week. Also for food for ex last week I quit cola from my life and this week bread, next week I will lower some unuseful things from my life. My advice for you is go step by step but dont quit!
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