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Stop Domestic Violence

Kitty is beautiful but our topic is not. If you have been or know a person who has been abused join us in our aims.
Getting fitter makes your mind stronger and you are able to cope with abuse and make positive moves in your life.
Join us, there is a warm welcome and thanks
Fitness Stops Domestic Violence
nile 09-07-2012 08:46
Please join this group and show your support.

I have just had three appeals of help and support from women suffering abuse in Turkey.

All are foreigners to that country and in abusive relationships.

Having also been in that situation I came back to the UK determined to organise some advice and action regarding this matter.
Already, I am working with the Turkish/Kurdish communities here especially the women, who are concerned and shocked at the levels of abuse that occur to foreign women abroad.

What you can do right NOW!

Join Fitness Stops Domestic Violence.
Give me a shove to loose 50lbs,
Pass the message on to anyone who is or has suffered Domestic Violence/abuse.
Give a thought to those who suffer from unacceptable behaviour, if you know them let them know you are there for them, it makes a difference.
21-01-2013 06:59
way to go! Women need to realize that without self worth were just a waiting victim. I was in a violent relationship for 10 years. No more. I finally got fed up and walked out for good. But there was so much damage done. i look in the mirror and i hardly recognize myself. This is not the me I have pictured in my minds eye...but im going to change that if get phisically fit i regain me. Im here if any one wants to share or ask questions and one little piece of advice....when in doubt throw him out!
22-01-2013 06:21
Or walk away. Booked my gym induction for Friday-new trainers today-50lbs to GO GO GO. Snowing in London and underground ice so bit hard to walk with naughty dog pulling. You want to see him run.
Good for you, I am glad to hear that.
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jlsjrgn 21-01-2013 07:02
im glad this group is here because talking about it helps and weight lose support is important. Now put the two together and you get the healing you need and push forward you deserve.
30-06-2013 00:21
I'm glad this group is here, too. I support a violence free world.
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nile 09-01-2012 05:23
Getting fit and keeping fit changes a life.
We are a group on VirtuaGym that needs your involvement and support.
Domestic Violence is usually regarded as a 'womens's' problem but not so, gentlemen are welcome to join.

I am getting fitter for a productive year ahead and just about to take up the beginnings of my road training, its cold outside and still dark but here we go, join me in your own particular way.
We are here to survive!
07-07-2012 20:26
Well there was no movement in the first attempt but starting now.
I have a battle ahead so the fitter and stronger I can become the better.
Please join Fitness Stops Domestic Violence, we do have members.
24-01-2013 03:48
Tonight i'm starting  "CRUNCHES FOR A STAND" every night before i go to bed im going to do 100 crunches for myself to stand against the violence and abuse toward me. so I gotta go so i can start my CFS'
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