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L.A.M.B. 05-08-2012 18:21
Hey, Ladies,

I am new to the site and group. I have been browsing the various groups, and I noticed that there are not really any groups posting daily or weekly challenges. Would anyone be interested in doing that?


13-08-2012 02:04
Hi am new into this group but needs lots of helping. Advice to help me go back to my body shape
14-08-2012 18:41
hi every one.lets lose weight together.please help me to share your tips and ideas.thanks
21-09-2012 00:04
I am a 34 yrold mother of three. Struggling to weight as much as I did before kids. Anyone on here that has had success losing weight and willing to share their story and tips. Thanks
21-09-2012 15:45
I have been logging on my fitness pal everyday to track the foods I eat and workouts. I haven't been using this site as much, but I could start...kinda lazy to double log. I drink a big cup of water first thing in the am (worth about 64 oz) and then when working out, hungry, eating, or about to go to sleep. I generally eat about 1900 cals a day and workout daily between 30 - 60 min a day...alternating between walks, elliptical trainer, and DVDs for yoga, Pilates, dancing, and kickboxing. I've lost about 7 lbs in the past month and a half but would be more successful if I was more selective in what I eat. What have yall been doing?
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KETAN GANDHI 14-11-2013 08:09
 OPEN DAY @ PureGym in LAMBETH London this WEEKEND!
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rivervi 11-09-2013 06:54
I have a question. I try the best I can, but how do you workout when your single mom? I have a 4 year old who is in pre k, and much like feeding a mogawi after midnight if I don't get my little one to bed by at least 9:00 (which in of itself is a fight to the death) she turns into a gremlin the next day. I want to start jogging, but 1.) We don't get home til 6:00 p.m. 2.) I can't seem to find a decent jogging stroller that holds more than 50 lbs (she's a big for her age) 3.) the sidewalks are hot f-ing mess, and these jogs become an obstacle course to not destroy the umbrella stroller I'm currently using.  Let's also add to the fact I'm not a morning person, and have to carpool her and my 5 year old cousin to school. Any suggestions are uber helpful
11-09-2013 17:14
a couple of solutions
1) you can get a used treadmill for the same price you can get a jogging stroller, so you can run any time after 9pm
2) go to the local high school after dinner and run on the track, and either let your kid run with you or play on the field.
3)sign your kid up for some kinda of activity class that you don't need to be there for, and run during the class
11-09-2013 17:48
Thanks, Mindy, I'm going to try option 3, and see how that works. Option 1 and 2 are unfortunately not feasible due To space and the local high school being a pile of rubble behind a chain link fence.
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AngelaG 05-03-2013 01:35
I've just started working out at home. I've been having some real self-esteem issues after our second son was born almost 4 months ago. I want my old body back. I've joined the VirtuaGym, MyFitnessPal and have support with family also. It's the making time to work out or get out of the house with a 2 year old and 4 month old. Any suggestions?
05-03-2013 04:03
Hi there - its really tough, mine are now 2+10months and 18 months and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier! But I feel great on the days that I get them in the pram and walk to the park and do a few exercises down there while they play (they even think its a bit of a game and pretend to do squats etc with me!) The main thing I found was to do little workouts here and there rather than get frustrated that I couldn't do a whole hour workout I just find time to do 10 mins here and there and it all adds up :) I am still struggling to accept my post baby body though! Everything but the belly is back to normal!
30-08-2013 17:06
A great way to exercise and teach your kids to be healthy is to have them join you.  You can always do lunges and squats while holding your infant, and use your 2 yr for bicep curls and shoulder lifts.  You can also play tag with your older one as cardio. 
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Jbrothers 15-01-2013 16:54
The biggest key to success for me has been making time for myself to work out. I changed gyms to one that includes monthly fitness check ins in the membership to hold me accountable. I go 3-4 times a week for 30-90 minutes. This is no small feat- I have to get both kids to school (pre-k and kindy), then drive 20 minutes to the gym. Some days, I take my kids with me if there's no school.
I feel much better when I make the time! Even though it means less time for chores and other stuff.
Also, if you're not using My Fitness Pal to track your calories, I recommend it!
26-02-2013 14:13
Thanks for the tips - I am struggling a bit to get to the gym with an 18 mo and almost 3 yo and lots of exercise gets done at home. But like you when I make the time I feel amazing for it and have lots more energy for the kids! My fitness pal sounds great! Will check it out! Thanks!
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Jbrothers 15-01-2013 15:56
The biggest key to success for me has been making time for myself to work out. I changed gyms to one that includes monthly fitness check ins in the membership to hold me accountable. I go 3-4 times a week for 30-90 minutes. This is no small feat- I have to get both kids to school (pre-k and kindy), then drive 20 minutes to the gym. Some days, I take my kids with me if there's no school.
I feel much better when I make the time! Even though it means less time for chores and other stuff.
Also, if you're not using My Fitness Pal to track your calories, I recommend it!
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JessicaWall11 15-12-2012 15:52
So my sister told me about this bath didnt believe it would work until this morning. So I have 2 girls 18 mo and 3 mo. I was running a steady 210 because I could lose a damn pound no matter what I tried. Really didnt have support that I needed either. I just started a new Job this past Sunday which added to the stress level. So last night after work I weighed myself, 211.3. I cried. Well I decided to do the eopsom salt bath as a relaxation method for my tense muscles. Amazing. This bath not only helps you relax but draws out all the extra water weight that you dont need. So when I woke up this morning I decided to weigh myself so I could update my progress on the site. I was down to 199.6. I almost wanted to wake my Husband up because I was so excited.
So Here is what I did:
Fill up the bath with comfortable water temp. (mine was at 102 degrees F)
Use 2 cups Epsom Salt (make sure its desolved in)
Use 2-4 tbls of bath oil, or bubble bath
Have a bottle of water so you dont become dehydrated
Soak For 30 minutes
Make sure when you done you rinse off thoroughly
Only if you want:
Light some candles
Turn on some relaxing music
Make sure you have you water. And take this bath at night when the kids are asleep. I say this because once you get out you are so relaxed you just want to go to bed. I hope this works out for you ladies like it did me. :D
27-03-2013 13:39
Aww...Awesome. Thanks so much for this girL. :) I cant wait to try it !!
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melktogh20 07-11-2012 04:12
I'm getting fitter but not losing much's very frustrating!!! I'm putting the work in, and both my PT and Natropath say it's just going to take a bit of time to get my metabolism going, but I feel like I'm getting knowhere:(
09-11-2012 02:56
I know exactly how you feel. My first daughter is 18 months and I never lost the weight from her. I tried everything from diet to exercise. Then I found out in January that I was pregnant again. That did not help matters any. Ive been trying for the last two months to lose some sort of weight and I have not dropped 1 lb. If you find something that helps you let me know. Good luck and I hope you achieve your goal.
30-08-2013 17:12
girls, you have to remember that 1) the slow weight lost will stay lost 2) as you are gaining muscle and losing fat, your body will be fitter and slimmer but not weight less.  Muscles are denser than fat so, while the numbers on the scale may not go down so dramatically, you are doing well as long as your inches are dropping. Keep up the good work!
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kjewell89 06-11-2012 14:04
I'm wanting to get in the best shape of my life after my daughter is born. Any tips or advice for a first time mother like myself? Any and all is appreciated!
26-02-2013 14:20
I never struggled with losing weight till I had my 1st daughter! I thought it would come off easily with breast feeding but I wasn't that lucky!!! I find the best way is to exercise with my daughters - walk to the park with the pram, etc. I also love doing pushups with my bub lying on the floor and give her a kiss - I like to show my girls that exercise is fun and something positive so that they will lead a healthy and happy life. I hope your journey with your daughter is going well :)
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msduval9 24-03-2012 05:16
Hello everybody. I'm trying to lose all the extra weight that I gain during and after my son is born. I'm currently a stay at home mom so between running after a 1 year old all day the last thing on my mind is exercising. Right now I'm try to improve my health, so I'm trying to find ways that I can workout at home and still keep my son from turning my house upside down.
24-03-2012 05:31
Working out solely at home never really worked for me, but I have heard from a few women that dance work outs are fun at home. There is Zumba of course, but also Belly dancing, hip hop, music video dancing, and other dance DvDs.

On days when I can't make it to the gym I usually do stuff with some hand held weights (curls, raises, squats, etc) and just go for a walk with my daughter. Also ab twists (I don't know the technical term) are killer. Just stick your feet under the couch, lean back some, and then twist while bringing your arms side to side with a 2-3 lb weight. Do 25, rest, 25, rest, 25, rest, 25 to start (100 total). Works a lot of the core muscles all at once! And it only takes about 5 minutes.
25-03-2012 22:09
Thank you so much for the advice. I'll definitely try some of these.
27-03-2012 10:45
I have started a new kettlebell workout, called kettlenetics. will let you know how it goes. planning to lose a lot of weight for the summer.
01-04-2012 17:16
If you're still trying to find things to do at home i recommend Davina's dvds. Before i got pregnant i swore by the high energy workouts and managed to drop 2 stone in 3 months. Im using her post natal workout now and it is just as good, although definately less strenuous! Time seems to fly and i can easily do 30 mins a day everyday. Maybe try to do your workout before the little one gets up in the morning? I know its hard but keep going!!!!
08-04-2012 10:07
Get hold of some dumbbells and do some of the free weight exercises in here to build up your muscles. Remember the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will metabolise and everything looks so much firmer. I'm a big fan of Rhadi Ferguson's workouts as he doesn't insist that you have lots of equipment so most of his workouts are body weight or require very little equipment, they are designed not to take up too much time and they are organised in progressions so you don't injure yourself on the way to doing the hard stuff. Mind you that doesn't mean the exercises are easy! One dumbbell circuit takes between 20-30 minutes.
12-04-2012 20:04
Also trying to loose the weight after having my 2nd baby about a year ago and doing the stay at home mom thing. i wish you, luck on everything. I too find it easier to try and get up before the little one. just started using flat exercise belts and so far loving it.
10-05-2012 21:06
I have a 2 year old and i'm still trying to get back in shape.
04-06-2012 00:47
5 girls and tryin to maintain my physique
04-06-2012 21:21
I want to lose my belly fat
06-07-2012 14:52
Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to meet you all. Pleave join my fiesta flow fitness exclusive launch group.
Let your energy shine through, get your flow on!
05-08-2012 18:19
Have you tried any workouts where you use your baby for the weight? It's pretty cool and a fun way to engage with the kiddos. My son likes to sit on my tummy while I am doing crunches. He tries to crawl on me while I am doing pushups, but that is way too hard for me! Dancing with the kiddos, picking them up and lifting them over your head repeatedly...all good.

It is hard for me to workout at home with the kids unless I do it before they wake up, after they are asleep, or while the hubby is watching them. Itunes has some cool podcasts of mommy and me yoga for free:)
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thnkcourage 09-03-2012 20:17
Hi all,
I am 8 weeks postpartum, and 6 weeks recovered from a severe post partum preeclampsia and HELLP (can read my story on, a new blog I started to promote awareness about preeclampsia and reproductive health for women)
I have 60 lbs to lose to be heart healthy and the goal is to get off my blood pressure meds as well as insulin medication from PCOS.
Hope you are all having a great Friday!
Anne-Mari ">
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