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Greetings everyone,

As an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer, I thought it would be great to start a group filled with information and support for people wanting to get fit while learning the safest and most effective way to do so.

In time I will be adding links to great reads about all things fitness.

In the meantime, check out "> . :D
vkr1384 19-07-2011 05:03
Hello everyone,
I'm sorry its been a while since my last post, but I've got a great one for you! This article has an extensive 3-month program with a week-by-week breakdown on exercises with description and video. So, for those of you who get bored easily, you'll love it! And for those of you that don't have it within your budget to get a personal trainer, this one is for you!!

Make sure you click on the link in order to print up each week's exercises and check out the videos for clarification. ">

Happy exercising everyone!! And remember to stay hydrated during these hot summer months!

24-07-2011 20:52
Can't wait to get started!!
24-07-2011 21:10
Help Please!!! Hi everyone, My goal is to loose at least 10 lbs a week! Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can achieve this?? What workouts to use??
24-07-2011 22:10
Hi Jenasu. First I must worn you that in order to lose 10 lbs in a single week you must burn 35,000 calories on top of the daily demands your body. That means 5000 calories a day. The average person burns 300-700 calories in single workout (45 mins to hr). That would require you to workout 17hrs if you're burning on the low end or 7 hrs if you burn on the high end.

If you are currently conditioned to exercising at a higher intensity at a longer duration, like with cycling, I would recommend cycling 2-3x a day for atleast an hour and a half at a time. You may be able to burn 1200 calories in that time, but you will really be needing to push it. I HIGHLY recommend getting a heart rate montior that has a built in calorie counter. That will save you the heartacke of trying to figure out how many calories you've burned. Also, the calorie counters built into treadmill and other cardio machines are not accurate and often over or underestimate it by as much as 200 calories.
24-07-2011 22:18
Secondly, with jumping into a regmine that drastically, especially when you are not conditioned to exercising consistently...not to mention multiple times a day, you severely run the risk of pulling/tearing a muscle, over exhurting yourself, or becoming light headed from the excessive exercise without the fuel for the body to perform it.

Goodluck if you still choose to go on with it. But keep in mind that the people whom do this on tv are monitored around the clock by medical professionals and I do not recommend nor condone this type of exercise.
11-08-2011 19:48
hi mam plz help me my watight is 80kg woh can loose it
12-08-2011 12:17
Hey mum, I have a big stomach which I would like it to be flat, pls help me how to do with this?
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tlfrancis 11-10-2013 21:01
I am glad to see a certified trainer on here. I'm concerned with doing things the right way and avoiding injury. I'm hoping that by joining this group I get closer to my goals without injuries and if i do injure myself I have somewhere to go for recovery tips.
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JaFra 28-09-2013 13:07
Thanks for this group as Ive been exercising based on the ACE half Marathon 16 weeks for two weeks now and hope I will benefit from this group
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memecaty13 04-08-2013 12:42
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vkr1384 05-04-2012 02:29
Hello everyone,

Sorry to leave you hanging. I'm back from my pregnancy, 8 weeks postpartum now and back to working out. Although complications from the delivery may halt it for a bit. I'll know more tomorrow.

Came across a great website for the ladies with lots of recipies and daily workouts. "> Check it out!!
09-06-2012 10:55
26-06-2012 21:35
Hey I know you don't know me but congrats on the baby and I have a question for you.

1 As a basketball player what is the best type of workout on here that I can do to get ready for the AAU tryouts (That is the club basketball team in case you didn't know)?
24-07-2012 00:41
hi, I'm new to this site but I'm really wanting to achieve my goal of 15lbs. It may not seem like much to some people but for the last 10 yrs I added these lbs on and can't get them off. I also have MS and the extra weight is not good for me or for the people who have to help me with stairs or off the floor. The longer my weight is in control, long longer I can put off being completely dependant on others. I can use all help I can get and will do what ever you say to do.
15-09-2012 21:57
Hello and congrats on your new baby
I'm interested in toning all over especially my arms and thighs. Help please. I have lost 16lbs. And trying to lose more.
22-11-2012 15:01
hy. I'm new here and i have a question:
I did muay thai but i needed surgery and after that i couldn't do it for two years. I plan to take it up again but i don1t know how to get my stamina and fittness back. Is it enough if i exercise day to day?
27-01-2013 23:33
I am in my mid-50's.   I used to exercise regularly until about 5 years ago.   I want to get back in shape, but have no stamina.   Anyone else with this dilemma?
04-08-2013 12:43
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JusSlim 14-10-2011 22:22
‎60 Day Weight Loss Challenge consist of (per FLYER) a list of FOOD CHOICES~DAILY MEAL PLANS~EXER CISE PLANS~and my COACHING~its a HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS program~NO pills~NO starving~NO surgeries~I WILL TEACH U which FOODS 2buy/cook from your local GROCERY STORE (Food Choices)~I WILL TEACH U when 2EAT (Daily Meal Plan)~I WILL TEACH U how 2EXERCISE effectively (Exercise Plan)~and I WILL COACH U 2keep u MOTIVIATED! PLUS this is INFORMATION that u can USE the rest of your LIFE!

email me at to JOIN!
24-11-2011 03:46
11-12-2011 20:42
will check your links, interested
28-01-2012 02:56
30-01-2012 13:58
i am interested your weiat loss plain and i joined you now
30-01-2012 14:00
my email address is please replay me
14-02-2012 22:32
Looking for effective ways to tone fast
15-03-2012 20:36
interested in your plan.
04-04-2012 09:38
посмотрим как это работает
04-08-2013 12:43
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hopeful1 10-10-2011 14:01
hi everyone

i hope everthing is going well witrying to reach your goals. over the pass two weeks i have lost 5lbs. how i have hit a wall i didn't lose any thing last week and my motivation to keep going is wearing down any advise i'm all ears.
14-10-2011 17:13
keep goin don't give up yet. you've only had one week with not losing any thing.
02-11-2011 15:30
do you even need to continue to lose lbs? maybe your body is at its good weight point and tone and strength is the direction you now go...keep it movn...!!!
03-01-2012 00:45
I've had the same problem, I know it can be hard, but try not to let the scale determine how you feel about your goals, muscle does weigh more than fat, cliche I know, but true! :)
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hopeful1 26-09-2011 19:03
ok first week done on my healty lifestyle change and it went ok i a few set backs but over all i did good and have some weight loss success. however i am still having a tough time in some area's like eatting 3 meal a day. most of the time i skip breakfast i just do not make the time in the morning to eat on top of that i really have no idea what a good breakfast is (my favorite is sausage and eggs), the other thing is i tend to over eat when i finally do sit down and eat. lastly it seems my healty life style go right out of the window on the weekend.

does anyone have any idea to help me work through these issues.
27-09-2011 03:20
Hi hopeful 1 ,you can lose more weight eating 6 small meals a day.
When you eat small meals you burn more calories.You can start with a one
egg omelet, 2 slices of toast, fruit and yogurt. You should have 2 fruits a day
and add veggies to your lunch & dinner.
27-09-2011 14:29
that sound do-able thanks for the feed back
29-09-2011 18:34
More abs video:
Alex12101000's Channel - YouTube
04-05-2012 18:32
My Boyfriend is really skinny, he needs all the calories and carbs he can get so its hard for me to eat healthy when he doesn't. Is there any way for me to make something that is healthy and he'll love.
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zalyn1 06-09-2011 13:44
guys pls help me to get rid off atleast 12 kg for 5 weeks..can that be possible??any suggestions??
07-09-2011 08:43
hai i am new i am interesting in to fit my body
07-09-2011 16:03
any suggestions for me guys?
11-09-2011 04:49
Lower your calorie intake..low fat..Hugh protein..consistent workouts...should help a lot...easier said than done...I know! Good luck!
19-09-2011 20:47
yeah zalyn1 jst try what npitzi said
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Meredith 16-08-2011 05:55
I am an amputee and spend most of my day in a wheelchair. I need to lose weight in order to more effectively be able to use a prosthesis. I have clearance from my dr. to do anything I can as far as exercise. I just need suggestions please. Thanks in advance.
16-08-2011 16:35
Hi Meredith,
My first suggestion is to increase your activity and decrease the amount of processed foods you eat (pasta, bread, anything that doesn't spoil in a week, tv/freezer dinners, etc).

In regards to exercise, cardio is a great way to burn more calories in a short period of time. If you have children, service dog, or a significant other, taking an stroll around the block before (or after) dinner is a great option. Free weights are important for you upper body. Star by getting two different weights (8 & 3lbs) are a good start. Perform 2 sets of 15 bicep curls and shoulder presses (separately or combined) with the 8lb dumbbells. With your arms straight out forward, lift them up to shoulder height and back down. This is a front shoulder raise. Perform 2 sets of 10. Do the same thing with arms to your side. If you are able to gain access to a door mounted exercise band, perform all 4 exercises in the opposite direction (tricep extension, lat pulldown, front/side press down).
16-08-2011 16:46
If you are a below-the-knee amputee, you might also be able to perform push-ups (which are practical in everyday activities when you are not in the wheelchair) and not to forget leg raises. If you are preparing for knee or midthigh prosthesis to aid in walking/running, increasing the strength of your hip flexors is very important. You can strengthen them while laying flat on your back when in bed or on the floor. Lift the limb(s) up one at a time as high as they will go and hold for 3 seconds, then slowly lower back down. The lowering part is the most important. That is were you will increase you strength fastest. Perform this 5-10 times, or to fatigue. Don't forget about core as well. Depending on how tender the ends of your amputated limb(s) is(are), you may be able to perform front and side planks. If that is not a option, lay flat on your back, bend and raise your knee(s)/limbs and hold a single 8lb dumbbell straight up in front of you. Slowly lower over head beings sure to
16-08-2011 16:51
to keep your stomach tight and lower back from arching off the floor. Perform this 5-10 times, or to fatigue. To strength the lower back, roll over to your stomach and perform the "super man" pose. To perform this lift both your arms and legs off the ground and hold for as long as you can. Start by performing all of these exercises 2-3x a week and build yourself up to daily. The core exercises will be extremely important for balancing in your new prosthesis, so be sure to not allow yourself to cheat on those...or not perform them all together. Good luck and let me know if any of these exercises need tweaking to suit your needs! :)
22-08-2011 12:56
Hello, I am working on being American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer now. Really hope tobe able to help others obtain their goals.
27-08-2011 00:17
Looking for help to achieve my goals of being fit and healthy
29-08-2011 20:49
That's great Prof_B! Welcome to the ACE network!
02-09-2011 18:40
i m new in this profession , and searching for more knowledge ,,,, wishing all your help to improve my knowledge
06-09-2011 13:44
guys pls help me to get rid off atleast 12 kg for 5 weeks..can that be possible??any suggestions??
15-11-2011 01:37
Yes, that can be possible Zalyn1 but you must exercise daily AND adjust your diet to reduce human-made (aka processed foods) from your diet and eat more natural foods. There are a ton of recipes available online. Caffeine will also hurt you. My sister is a big advocate for Green Smoothies. A home schooling mother of two, she swears by them. Let me know if you are in need of more details suggestions when it comes to exercise, but I advice you to check out a previous post of mine called 2011 Kick Start Workout Guide or Total Body Workout. Good luck!
04-08-2013 12:45
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xiel1015 09-06-2011 09:09
hello guys, i would like to know the best way to lose that fats and make my arms look firm and slim. :D what arm exercise you recommend that will NOT make my arms bulk??? as much as possible i don't want to make my arms look like a man's arms. hehehe thank you. :)
17-06-2011 06:19
I wud like to know how to lose wait in 2 dayzcb
13-07-2011 20:33
HI every one just started trying to loss weight, my goal is to loss 65lbs I now weigh in at 196lbs just want to look good and feel greate, I need all the support I can get, I went to at least get my weitht down to 135-145

15-07-2011 15:10
use lite weights and more reps. choose weights that are not too lite but where the last few reps there is some resistance.
19-07-2011 05:10
The best way to get rid of the fat on your arms is to combine lots of cardio with weights and a process food free diet. Check out the new post which features weight programs with cardio. I'll keep an eye out for good nutrition based article to share with everyone.

Good luck all with all your goals!
28-10-2011 15:11
I've learned that women don't bulk up like men unless they are hitting the gym 24hrs a day or are on steroids. We have been afraid of muscle but its the only way to get a toned, sexy youthful look. Without it you will look flabby
29-10-2011 13:11
Half of that is correct Monise. Muscle is what makes woman look toned, youthful and sexy. As we age, our fat stores go from being periferal (just under the skin) to viseral (area lining our vital organs), which is why older people have veiny arms with their tendons showing in their hands. By routinely working out and overloading our muscles (meaning just give them more work that theyre used to, not necessarily killing yourself) you are able to keep muscle on the body. This will allow it to look more youthful as you age.

It is also true that women don't bulk up like men due to the lower levels of testosterone in our bodies. If they chose to take hormones to aide in their muscle growth (usually only applies to body builders), then they will most certainly bulk up.
29-10-2011 13:18
The one false statement is that being in the gym 24hrs a day will make a woman bulk up. You won't bulk up by doing more. Actually, you will slim down. This is call a caloric deficit. When the body uses more calories than it takes in, it is forces to use other means of energy. The order in which it uses energy for any means is first carbohydrates, next fatty acid (triglycerides), and finally protein (aka muscle tissue...but this only happens if you are starving yourself). So make sure you are giving your body more fuel to keep burning carbs and fats! :) Lastly, during my competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu career I trained 3-4hrs/day 6days a week and I slimed down to my most toned, lowest (but healthy) weight of my life...even compared to playing sports in high school. So more doesn't mean bulk! It all depends on how you train. Shorter exercise generally results in greater muscle growth (bulk), so shoot for extending your exercise to cardio lengths (30+minutes).
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