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This group is for people that like to workout in the comfort of their own home.
daniellemarie31583 03-08-2012 16:23
Hey yall! I am new here!! I am hoping to lose 30 lbs by October!! I hope I can do it!!!
03-08-2012 18:28
burn 1000 calories aday in exersise cut 300 calories from diet
03-08-2012 19:15
Thanks:-). I did my first work out this morning :-) feeling the burn now.
03-08-2012 20:34
we like to encourage everyone to keep on exersising no matter how little it is.
03-08-2012 21:03
Good luck. to lose thirty lbs.It a great feeling I no i lose six lbs in a week.And once again Good Luck.
04-08-2012 15:37
good luck, i lost my way but need to get back on track. I bet you can loose it just stick to it.
05-08-2012 17:04
I want to lose 5 Kg in 3 months. Do any of you use Kettlebells?
05-08-2012 17:49
param , dumbells, barbells, body weight, use anything you can stick to. kettlebells are handy because they are easy to pick up
16-08-2012 01:20
i need to put all my flabs in tight shape. every part of my body needs help! 3 months deadline. Guys any tips towards a routine is appreciated. will keep you updated on my progress. Better work ;)
16-08-2012 06:25
Abick, a combination of high intensity interval training, and weight lifting, followed by abdominal exersises works. programs like p 90x or insanity. If you don't have time to wait you tube has many free videos, or exersise t.v. Walking, running, pilates, yoga, kickboxing. On the diet side eliminate sugar if you can, replace at least on red meat meal with a vegetarian meal.
19-08-2012 01:58
Hi three weeks into being a member of Virtua Gym, using a combination of weight and cardio, also road bike ride on weekends.
19-08-2012 21:39
I am new here and have set some goals, I hope to encourage and b encouraged, thanks
20-08-2012 00:30
penguinless, thanks a lot. i have start the ABC leg lifting for the back side and tighs training. i feel the muscles burn at F and is really difficult getting to Z. will get my dumb bells soon and follow your lead. thanks a million!! :)
20-08-2012 13:32
o.k. tall.mann. keep going. be strong.
27-08-2012 11:48
Hi,i am new to this group,my aim is to loose 8kgs in1 month,hope i will be encouraged.
27-08-2012 14:07
Hi Esterhaks, avoid all proccessed sugar, exersise, walk, run, pushups, yoga, change your exersises every day, you will get fast results.
27-08-2012 15:23
Thanks i will do that,am sure i will see the results coz i do almost same exercises.
28-08-2012 15:37
do i need to pay anything to u guys ?
28-08-2012 19:00
Kanu, we try to encouage you to reach your goal, I love exersise and health related matters, my advice is free
01-09-2012 09:40
thanks a lot .........
01-09-2012 09:42
wanna loose 10 kj please advice me hw its possible in a month plz:)
01-09-2012 13:21
Dear Kanu, You need to do 2 hours of cardio a day, 30 minutes weight lifting, 30 minutes stretching, eat no proccesed sugar.
Still I must caution you 10 lbs in a month is hard. Keep in mind you do not have to do it all at one. You could do 2 1 hour cardio segments, 1 hour run, 1 hour plyometrics, 4 hours apart.
Remember the key to long lasting weight loss is on avoiding proccesed sugar.
01-09-2012 13:31
plz also guide me about diet thanks :)
01-09-2012 18:43
Dear Kanu, You should eat 1 gram protien per pound of body weight, do not exceed 30 grams per meal, I like optimum nutrition soy protien, because I am a vegan, but if you are a meat eater try to eat 3 ounces at a time, egg whites you can eat up to 5 at a time, chicken you can eat 4 ounces, fish 6 ounces, broccoli, beans, beets, carrots, oatmeal, chickpeas, apples bannanas, brown rice, wheat pasta. When you make a plate of food try to eat 1/4 cup portion of startch, like rice pasta, potatoe, sweet are best. double portion vegetable, then your protien portion. Great desert idea, avacado mixed with bannana. great pankake recipe, 1 scoop protien powder mixed with 1/4 cup oatmeal, mix with water, cook in little olive oil, top with sliced strawberries, blueberries, or bannana.
02-09-2012 04:27
m vegetarian :)
02-09-2012 05:44
Kanu, cut out as much dairy, and all bread for the entire month that should help., white beans, kidney beans, cinnomon, tofu, almond milk, those are good food choices. green tea, is great for keeping weight off, supplements, green coffee, muti vitamin, b-12, flax seed oil, vitamin d, if you get sore take vitamin e, calcium, sun warrior pea protien is good, if you use whey protien try to by lactose free.
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Pawanvir#Soccer 11 5 days ago
Guys,my age is 15,height is 5ft 6 in and I weigh about 115 lbs..I am trying to lose body fat and get six pack abs and muscle...Any tips?
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Monnatshipi 1 month ago
I started using this app about two months ago and the results are good, I used to think myself a guru in bodyweight exercise until I started using this app, suffice to say it made me feel like a boy scout. I currently weigh 96kg and my goal is to be at 86kg in the next 5 months, watch this space. Oh for home equipment I have a pair of kettlebells, 12kg each, an exercise ball, a skip rope, a yoga mat and 96kg of bodyweight (for now).
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ali.jawad.940 3 months ago
I do have 4kgs of overweight, I am doing weights 4 days a week and one day in between on treadmill, I am torn of whether I should do the fat burn zone and just burn fat or the cardio zone and burn more calories but not necessarily fat but muscles instead.
2 months ago
You have to be careful with your cardio. That's everything. The intensity of your cardio shouldn't be too high, 'cause that's when you burn muscels instead of fat. Try cardio training with a low intensity, but longer duration. That should do it.
previous month
I prefer burst training for a short period of time it shreds the fat and your muscles should be safe as it's short burst, why do a long hike when you can accomplish the same result in 5 minutes... Try this out I hope it helps 4 Minutes of HELL! - Evil (but good) Fat Burning …:
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nisha_senghera 3 months ago
Is anyone else's virtuagym hanging after the first count of every workout?
Im using an s4 and resently I seem to be having that problem . I tried deleting the app and reinstalling but still the same problem.
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Jov3namaxona 4 months ago
Guysssss I need help, I need to drop out 15 pounds but Im a single Mom of an 9 months baby & Im at home working out
4 months ago
Please, tell me some recommendations
4 months ago
Hello, what are your goals you want to achieve?
4 months ago
1) 10 pushups +10 situps +10 squats / repeat this circuit as many times as possible over a 5 minute period
2) eat clean & carb cycle
4 months ago
My goal is lose 15 pounds before august & look like a fit woman
4 months ago
Thanks guys for your time and help
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massimob 4 months ago
hi all!
does anybody of you guys have a good plan for stretching? I can't find much here in VirtuaGym, maybe you know other sources...
thanks in advance!
4 months ago
Classical Stretch - The Esmonde Technique
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Natalie LeBleu 4 months ago
3 Days On / 1 Day Off
Nice chart
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Shebbah 5 months ago
Alright then... lets keep squatting :-)
4 months ago
I tried a new work out last week am so sorry I am proud of me for taking time for me to lose weight
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On YouTube if you go on BeFit you will find all kinds of workouts for free. Everything you want it also includes workout BeFit in 90 programs . Has programs for everyday of the week and ever kind from dance to yoga to pilates etc.. Look it up. Good Luck
5 months ago
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Shebbah 5 months ago
So i realized i dont have to go to a gym to workout and get the body i want. So i have been doing home workouts since i decided to lose weight in 2012. I am still on the weight loss journey, or should i say body shape or both. I bought T.25 dvd, plus really trying to eat healthy and along with the exercises on here, i am still on my journey.. Gym or no gym, i am determined and You should be too..So lets go Homeworkout people..we can do it!!
4 months ago
1 month and 3 kgs down, 2inches on tummy lost. Am now doin. Zumba Activate, 30day shred, Jillian Michael hardbody, for four weeks.
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